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  • The “Big Sit”  Fund Raiser is Oct 2nd, from Midnight to Midnight at Station Road, Stockport at the Hudson River Pavilion.  Bring a chair join the fun.  Call Marian Sole at (203) 710-9096 to sign up.
  • Download our 2021 Big Sit flyer for all details and donate here.
  • The 2021 Birdathon/Century Run identified 137 species.  Outstanding.  The Club thanks all who participated.  And thanks to all who donated.
  • The Fall 2021 calendar of field trips is also now posted.
  • The Wilson Powell Wildlife Sanctuary in Old Chatham is open for use, dawn to dusk. Please practice social distancing.
  • eWarbler Archive Update. Issues through 08/2021 are now online!  Visit the archive.
  • The Summation of Bird Counts has been updated through 2020.
  • Reminder: No dogs are permitted at the Wilson Powell Sanctuary in Old Chatham.  Dogs on leashes are also not permitted.
  • View a sample copy of our newsletter in full color electronic format.

Founded in 1957, our club promotes the conservation of natural resources and the enjoyment and protection of birds, flora, and fauna.

We’re an organization of Columbia County, New York residents and interested parties with a common bond—love of nature and fascination with its wildlife.  Some of us are experts in these fields, others just love the outdoors.

We offer the opportunity to take part in our many activities:  birdwalks, lectures, contributing to our monthly newsletter, and helping maintain our Sanctuary.

A Great Birding Spot in Columbia County, New York
View from Dorson's Rock
Wilson M. Powell Sanctuary

Photo by Marcia Anderson
(click image to enlarge)

in the words of Alan Devoe:
"The poetry of the earth, of course, is found in every created thing. Our spirits when they’re tuned to the right pitch of primal astonishment and delight, discover enchantment in any sun-warmed rock, any whisking October oak leaf, any shimmering drop of rain on the nearest blade of dooryard grass. This creation is one continuous and inexhaustible glory; this garden is all magic. Still, we’re likely, most of us, to grow a little dulled… We tend to lose what in a beautifully exact phrase we call our animal spirits. It must be a very rare one of us, though, who isn’t stirred by response to birds.
Birds pluck at our attention with their tumultuous songs and vivid colors. Our eyes are entranced by their flight against the sky. Whatever else we may neglect to notice, we are pretty sure to be struck and stirred by the tumbling, spring-bursting “conk-err-ee” of red-winged blackbirds in an April marsh, the honking clatter of wild geese in their autumnal passing, the bell-clear singing and the sweetly dappled look of thrush in our summer-evening garden… Birds? Why, we can scarcely look out of any window and not see the flash of feathered wings.
Our poetry is full of birds. Our painting is full of birds. Our language abounds with figures taken from these winged animals."

This Fascinating Animal World by Alan Devoe
    1951 McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., pgs. 117-118

Take a stroll through our website, join us for a walk, and consider joining our club!

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